Medical Services

Living here can provide you with a comprehensive medical team to meet your healthcare needs. We have a medical director specializing in care for our seniors. We have physicians you may select to coordinate your care and help you feel your best!

Our facility provides a focused goal-oriented approach and treatment program for each patient. Our experienced physicians, nurses and rehabilitation therapists strive for each patient to succeed and get back to enjoying their lives.

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Swallowing is a function so basic that most of us take it for granted. Yet each year thousands of people lose their independence and quality of life because of difficulty swallowing. Stroke, Parkinson’s disease, head injury or head and neck cancers can often lead to the inability to swallow. Our speech-language pathologists assist in restoring quality of life and independence with painless and non-invasive Vital Stimulation Therapy.

Our wound care program provides the latest and best medical treatment for recurring or slow-to-heal wounds. Our interdisciplinary team approach assists the resident who has had to alter his or her lifestyle and needs a boost to the healing process, ultimately allowing them greater comfort and improved quality of life.

Our resident-centric facility provides extended care services 24 hours-a-day, 7 days-a-week. Our goal is to help each resident attain and maintain an optimal level of well being. We have a team of health professionals attentive to each individual’s physical, emotional, and psychosocial needs while providing the technical skills that meet today’s medical challenges.

Caring for a loved one at the final stages of life can be a trying time for a family. We provide a welcoming environment for hospice providers to offer support, care, and comfort to the terminally ill as well as their families.

Our nurses monitor blood glucose levels and physicians periodically review them to ensure our residents’ medications are keeping their blood sugar under proper control.

A resident who has had a stroke will be thoroughly assessed by our therapy team and a personalized plan of treatment will be developed. Our staff works with the goal of returning the resident to their optimal level of function and ability. Once their goals are met, a return home may be possible. If not, alternative options for support and care are available.